The Sky: My forever Inspiration.


What now feels like many lifetimes ago, I made a date with myself. 

5 A.M. came too soon after the final hoorah of our Florida vacation the night before, but I kept my commitment. I wandered solo just far enough away from our hotel that the waves could drown out the noise from the passing vehicles on the street nearby, but close enough that I could still easily be found if someone came looking. I wanted to sit in stillness as the sun rose overhead of that endless ocean as I soaked up every last drop of reverence found inside of that salty breeze. Equipped with nothing but my iPhone 4 camera + an artistic eye, this photo was captured.

Many sunrises thereafter, I am still filled with such peace and humility every time I look back on this moment of this day. This feeling, this timeless gift, is my motivation in doing what I do: giving someone else the tangible gift of a priceless memory forever frozen in time.

Kendra ReidComment